Necklace (Long)


This is a hand roll strips of glossy paper into a bead shape, that has been carefully coated with a special vanish to create a sophisticated lustrous African paper jewellery. It’s long and stylish nature allows you to roll it several times around your neck or simply let it flow all the way. It has been specially¬† hand crafted considering all the possible damages so as to withstand wet, moist and dry seasons. Choose your color and have a feel of Kenyan crafts.


Product Description

Just like the never ending scarf which is a must have, our Long necklace borrows the same concept for that stylish, upbeat look. It can be worn in several different ways creating creativity for the owner as you can try different styles.

The necklace comes in different colors, that cater to your preference and are very easy to wear. They can also be multi coloured for those who love the mixture of colors. The material just like all our products are made of Recycled paper and polished to give it gloss and shine.


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