Chunky Bracelet

Bracelet (chunky)


Elegantly-designed, this bracelet includes carefully crafted bead and paper in colors and various designs. Its African rich and bold look gives your wrists a glow. Slip it on with a stack of your other favorite bangles or simply let it’s chunkiness make a beauty statement.


Product Description

The Chunky Bracelet is a huge deal in Dressing. when worn it complements the dress adding pomp, and because of our use of beads, brings in the colour factor. The bracelet can be worn with another bracelet of its kind to give you an even heavier, chunky appearance depending on what you like.

The chunky Bracelet is a definite great Fashion accessory and can be worn with any type of outfit, Official, casual or smart casual.

The bracelet is made from recycled material (paper), meaning you will not only be looking dashing but contributing to the upgrading of the environment.  The money goes to women from Kawangware slum in Nairobi Kenya who make the beads. Not only are you looking gorgeous and being good to the environment but will be a humanitarian in your own way.


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