African Paper Jewellery

Welcome to Amanicraft – The Home of the Kawangware Amani Women’s Group

Isaiah 40:29  He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

We are a group of 20 women from Kawangware Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. We have formed this group to come together and help ourselves to make a better life for our families and community.

Life here in Kawangware is very hard, although we live in one of the most developed cities in East Africa, that development is not felt here. People in the slum live in small houses made of corrugated metal, wood and a few bricks if we can get them. There is no running water in our houses and our toilets are a shared hole in the ground, there are no streetlights and there is large unemployment and a lot of crime in Kawangware.

We see that no one is coming to help us and have decided to help ourselves by making African paper jewellery, Kenyan beads and crafts from recycled paper and magazines. We now have an online shop where we hope to sell our African jewellery to you and your friends and create a business that will make or lives easier.

We do not want our children to grow up in the poverty and bad conditions that we parents have had to endure. Our range necklaces, earrings, bracelets, gift sets and we are also making wedding favors. The group can make any of the African Paper Jewellery in any colour you need and any amount, and we can ship anywhere in the world. If you don’t see the thing that you want, please email or call Beatrice who will be only too happy to help you select your paper jewellery.

So please have a look round our shop and website and help us help ourselves to a better life for our children, community and us and if you are in Kenya on holiday or on safari, we would be very happy to meet you and show you our traditional African paper jewellery.